In Which I Discuss “Soul Trade” by Caitlin Kittredge

But first, Holy Hurricane Batman!  We ended up very lucky here in my part of Brooklyn.  We didn’t lose power. Sure it flickered amidst the insane winds and even though I watched the blue arcs in the distance of other neighborhoods losing power, we were very very lucky.  The subway system is reported to be out for 4 to 5 days- which means there’s no way I’m getting out of this borough anytime soon.  My very best wishes to everyone who got hit a lot worse than me.  I hope the cleanup and recovery goes smoothly.  And I hope that everyone reading this is safe, happy and on the road to recovering from this storm.

“Soul Trade”, the newest addition in the Black London series by Kittredge is on my favorite book list.  So much so I bought an electronic copy for my kindle as well as the hard copy.  I don’t always bring hard copies with me when I travel so I wanted to make sure I had it in both forms. Yes, I’m slightly neurotic about the books I like the most.  In ANY CASE, slight warning.  This review/discussion may mention bits from other books or the plot line throughout the series. So if you haven’t read it yet (and are like me never wanting to know what happens) then I suggest you don’t read this. Last warning. Okay? Okay…we’re moving on.  I’ll ask all guests to keep their arms and legs inside the car, make sure that you are securely fastened into the car and please refrain from screaming in your seat-neighbor’s ear.  And….here we go.

Anyone who has read any of my previous reviews on any of Kittredge’s books know that I have a soft spot in my little book slut heart for her work.  Soul Trade is no different.  In the last novel, we were left with news that Pete (the story’s heroine if you don’t know) was preggo by the sexy Jack Winter.  (Alright people, yes…I love women, and yes he’s a character in a book but seriously you can’t tell me you don’t agree. )  I’m going to admit that I was TERRIFIED how the story was going to progress from there.  It’s not everyone that can pull off giving a character a child mid-series and do it well.

In Soul Trade, Pete and Jack are approached by super secret magical society The Prometheus Club.  Which, as an aside, I love the name.   I’m a huge Greek Myth buff and I’m quite possibly assigning meaning that isn’t there (don’t know, I didn’t write it and I’m not going to make any assumptions) but yeah…gotta love it.  The invite to join them at a gathering isn’t so much an invite as it is a threat.  But with big things going down in the magical world, they go.

I don’t like to say too much about the plot when I review books, for those who haven’t read it yet, but I will say that Kittredge does (as usual) an amazing job with character growth and development.  I had an unsubstantiated fear that Pete and Jack having a child would make the story drag, or bring to it an element that would soften the dark feel of the novels.  Thankfully, Kittredge is a master of her craft and the new addition to the Caldecott/Winter family doesn’t make the story drag in the least.

In fact, having a child seems to have made Pete and Jack stronger in their own way.  Everyone says being a parent changes you and Kittredge does a wonderful job of reflecting that in this novel.  Pete also grows in her Weir-ness (as I affectionately refer to it), and it’s pleasing to see a consistent attitude from her from book to book.  Too many books with female protagonists border on weakling or Mary Sue.  Kittredge manages to navigate in the center line, giving us a kick ass heroine who sometimes takes ridiculous chances and suffers the consequences.  But through it all you never leave Pete’s sideline.  You root for her, and for Jack- who we get to see (for a moment) a vulnerable side to.   It’s nice to see that their relationship has grown in its own way.  It sometimes feels strained, when you have a protagonist team that is in a relationship and so bound together, but Kittredge does a marvelous job at not only furthering the story but growing the characters together.

It reads, in a way, like life. If Life was filled with angry goddesses, demons, mages and creepy magical societies hell bent on taking over the world.  If only right?  Life then, would at least be an exciting adventure.  The story kept me wanting more.  It kept me engaged, and I read it twice through because I wanted to make sure I caught everything.  I have to say that this is my favorite book in the series thus far. Because of the character growth and how well it was crafted, I’m certain that a lot will feel the same.

I’ve been hooked on this series since book one, and with the addition of Soul Trade to the line up- Kittredge has made a fan out of me for life.  This little bookworm cannot wait for the next book in the series.  I only wish I had a TARDIS so I could go forward in time- to the next one’s release date. Yeah, these books are that good.

I give this one 5 our of 5 stars.  Ms. Kittredge, keep up the good work and I will keep being a patron.  I know that I have said it on here before but I love your work.  This bookworm will continue to review her work- because you all need to read it. and READ IT NOW.


Stay tuned next week for more updates to the site, possibly another review….this time of Sinister. Which will either be done by myself or my new resident movie reviewer.  Either way!  Again, happy and safe thoughts for all affected by the hurricane.  Stay safe folks!  If you have internet access go buy Soul Trade- it’ll keep the cold at bay! It probably won’t but at least you’ll be so engaged you won’t be thinking about it!



Books to Look Forward To!

This is a very exciting summer.  A summer of impending literary joy! A good chunk of my favorite authors have books coming out this summer. Next month in fact and I am clenching my fists in high expectation.   I don’t exactly have much time to read, opening a business is good for sucking time.  BUT. For these three books coming out in the next two months, I will make SERIOUS exceptions to my typical “I need all the sleeps evar!” rule.  Because I know that the exhilaration of reading the soon to be named novels will be insanely worth the slight bleary eyed days that follow.


1. Soul Trade by Caitlin Kittredge:  I’ve made it no secret, my love for her works.  So it’s really kind of obvious that this would be on my list.  I’ve been reading her stuff since I first perused the shelves at B&N back in Jersey and saw ‘Nightlife’. After reading the back, and myself at the time in need of a seriously good book, I said “Sure! let’s give this author I’ve never heard of a try.”  After a long and disappointing love affair with a certain uber-famous UF writer’s books I was in need of something that a.) didn’t suck and b.) wasn’t written by a crazy person eating Crazy O’s for breakfast.  I was immediately hooked.  There’s a certain rush that follows discovering a new writer, putting that first book on your already crowded shelf and staring at B&N’s website like a wide eyed rabid monkey-bird awaiting the announcement of their next novel.  There’s a certain amount of risk involved too. Wondering if, like before, you’ll be let down in a fiery burning crash of words strung together with a barely visible plot and lots and lots of grossly descriptive, not sexy vampire/shapeshifter sex masquerading as a work of ‘literary genius’.  I got off track. ANYWAY.  I’m in love with the Black London series on a level that only rivals my love for things like Eureka, Doctor Who and Torchwood (oh and Felicia Day…whole ‘nother story).  So I’m staring again like a wide eye rabid monkey-bird waiting for the package of this book that I pre-ordered.   (it should be noted that the tangent opinions stated before are STRICTLY my own, and if you’ve deduced what writer I was expressing my distaste for- please don’t take it out on Ms. Kittredge by not buying her books.  Also, I’m not saying don’t buy the books by the unnamed author either. It”s my opinion, and I’ll curl up with it by the fire and call it George.  I mean no true ill will….because I still have all her older stuff before the crazy ate her brain and love it so.)

2.  Seawitch by Kat Richardson:   The Greywalker series is one of those series that I have recommended to every person who asks what kind of stuff I like to read.  I find that it’s a wonderful introduction to the UF genre, with a great heroine and ferrets. I love that there’s ferrets. A ferret specifically but you know what I mean.  The Greywalker novels have long been a favorite of mine, and most of my copies are seconds. Because I generally lend them out so much they get worn kind of quickly.  So I’ve started buying the hardcovers, and then the paperback. When generally I would simply wait for paperback.  Just to have one that won’t end up looking like the copy of Hamlet I had to read in high school.  I can’t wait for this.  Harper Blaine is one of my favorite heroines period.  So. Go read these too.


3. Grave Memory by Kalayna Price: Are we sensing a theme here? Yes. I like Series. Because I enjoy getting lost in the worlds these brilliant authors create. It makes me happy. Reading is a lost joy for a lot of people, and for some one they have yet to find.  Anyway, The Alex Craft novels were introduced to me after I watched Felicia Day’s Vaginal Fantasy hangout.  Yes. You read that right. And I’m so glad for it, because I soaked up the first book and then devoured the second.  it’s an amazing thing when I can read a book in five hours. That means I love it. I read fast. And yes, I retain what actually happened. It’s sort of a wibbly wobbly timey wimey warp thing in which time slows and I am able to read novels so fast. Of course, I probably really look like Hammy- and in truth I’m sure that’s how I look.  But hey…. So I highly recommend checking these out too. (I know this was published at the beginning of July, but I have had zero time to read it but it’s a series worthy of noting so I threw it in here too).


4. Ashes of Honor by Seanan McGuire:  Oh Toby Daye.  I don’t know if I can accurately explain the goings on in my head when I read one of these novels. Mostly it’s chitterings of joy and internal interpretative dance.  If you haven’t read any of the Toby Daye novels you are SERIOUSLY missing out on some delicious Fae action. Really. If you love Fae things as much as I do you need to read this. Again, another author that hasn’t let me down.  I hate to say it that way because these are their brainchildren and really who am I to judge in which direction they take their stories? But you know what I mean. I hope.  If not, then my sincerest apologies for sounding like a grade A mule.  I simply mean that every book has been better than the last.    I also hope you all read these and love Tybalt as much as I do.


5. The Iron Wyrm Affair by Lilith Saintcrow:  I can honestly say I own more books by this author than by any other author ever.  Three, four? Years ago I went south for Christmas and I am always in the habit of bringing books (now my kindle) with me for plane rides and late nights when no one else stays awake.  I forgot books on this trip so when I got down there, I went to the bookstore and went on the hunt.  I found the Dante Valentine books and I bought them all. Sight unseen. A rather bit of a risk when I tend to be a little picky on the things I read.  But the storyline sounded great and my first page test left me wanting more and I just had the feeling I was going to devour it.  So, I did.  And since then I have amassed a collection of Ms. Saintcrow’s novels. And each and every one I love and lend out like there is no tomorrow. I’m always excited to find a book by her I didn’t know she had written because it’s like Christmas morning.  I also love steampunk. I love Victorian era ANYTHING. I also love alternative history and mysteries. So…needless to say when I was perusing the web and saw this I was aflight with giggles of glee. It’s certainly on my list and I cannot WAIT to read it.



So that was definitely 5 and NOT 3.  But I couldn’t help myself. I also know these are mostly authors I talk about a lot, but I can’t help myself.  I haven’t had much time to peruse for new things coming out and with me not working at the bookstore any longer, this information doesn’t just fall into my lap anymore.  So, I’m sure there are a ton of books I should be adding here but I just don’t know about them yet.  In any case, these five will keep me busy for a while. Or maybe only for a weekend considering my tendency to hide away on a weekend off reading multiple books because I’m a lunatic.  Heh.  Everyone has a vice and for me it’s books.  So, go out and buy these. Read them. love them. Yes, I just ordered you to love them.  And for god’s sake don’t pirate them. Pirating books SERIOUSLY hurts authors, and damages the possibility of more books in a series. It’s a whole percentages, sales thing. But it’s kind of like- if you had a really awesome idea and you go to patent it. But someone pirates that idea before you patent it. No one buys it, you show no sales and your idea gets no backers.  Or…you know, just don’t be an ass and pay for them.  When you pirate, and then complain that the books stop? Guess what….YOUR FAULT. Well you and every other scurvy, hook for a hand, eye patch wearing, peg legged sea-dog out there. Talking like a pirate=funny. Stealing things like a pirate=BAD. PSA is now over. You may all go back to your regularly scheduled television shows. Me? I’m going to watch Hoarders before bed.