Project of Epic Proportions….maybe.

It may or may not be epic. In fact it’s really not all that much…but hey it’s an interesting project and I’m trying my hand at creativity that doesn’t involve leather, feathers and beads…and I just realized how WRONG that sounds. (In my spare time I make dream catchers. It’s a nice stress reliever.)


So I’m moving into my apartment next week, and the living/bed room area are all one giant space. Now, while I personally don’t really give a damn I’m fairly certain people visiting don’t want to see my bed while watching tv.  So in an effort to create a separate space and give a little pizazz to the tiny apartment I will be calling home for the next year, I decided I was going to get a shoji screen.  The only problem is they are EXPENSIVE. But I was going to buckle down, it would be an investment in the long run and I figured hey, at some point I could mutilate it with zombie paraphenalia.


Then my aunt and uncle say to me yesterday, “HEY! We have this awesome 3 panel screen that we don’t need anymore. It was originally for pictures and some of the glass is missing but it’s yours if you want it.”  My packrat heart went all a crazy. I figured I could pick up some same size frames at the dollar store and replace the glass and backing and voila….working screen.  No need to spend the money I got from selling my kidney on ebay to buy one! I can save that for the ferrari….or the lambourghini….in my mind.


So today, I’m driving to Starbucks for my rocketfuel and I pass by michael’s. All of a sudden, while singing along to Half Jack and sipping my coffee with not one, not two, not three but FOUR shots of espresso….I think “I’m going to turn that screen into something of Steampunk awesome.” And then my twitchy Hammy-resembling brain went into overdrive. I went into Michaels and bought All the Things Ever and then promptly drove home like a giddy goose because the cashier at Michael’s asked what I was going to make and I told her and she got as excited as I was (the joys of connectivity in nerdiness).


I’m a fan of antiques, and industrial looking stuff. I love old nautical, old industrial and old..everything. So I figured this was going to be a perfect awesome addition to my veritable closet (all joking aside it’s a cute little space) and a project for me to tell my imaginary friends (that would be you guys reading this) about.   And because i generally don’t do stuff like this, I’m rather proud of just the idea of it.  So, I painted it today. Letting it dry and then tomorrow night I’m going to sand and touch it up a bit because I want it to look old and gritty. I may add some embellishments like writing or something but…yeah.


Then over the course of this week, there will be all sorts of steps. Aging pictures with tea, aging canvas fabric with tea..trying NOT to glue my fingers together while I Gorilla glue things onto the wood and then finally awesomeness of the finished product.  Though, this may end up NOT getting done until next week because I have a ton of things to do for work, moving to coordinate and possibly a story to write.  Fear not, as the process continues there will be pictures, witty asides and probably cursing and crying as I try to unglue my appendages from one another.


NOTE: I was going to put the before and after’s of the paint job up now but I just realized I took the pics without a memory card in my camera and I can’t find the USB cord to upload them. So, you’ll get them in the next update. SIGH.


In Which I Discuss “Nightmare Garden” by Caitlin Kittredge

So I’m sitting at my laptop, coffee at the ready and my meager breakfast of toast with jam, and trying to write something…anything…before work. Of course, the muse hits at inopportune times (such as…in the middle of a business phone call- you should see all my fae knife wielding doodles) and trying to pressure my brain into being creative usually results in some explosion and becoming less than functional for a few days. That’s when I get my best leveling in Skyrim…but I don’t think you care much about that.


While I got absolutely nothing done on the re-write of my current venture, I did feel spurred to do another blog post. I recently finished reading Nightmare Garden, by Caitlin Kittredge, and so I bring to you a rather nice review that is spoiler free (Except there are spoilers for the Iron Thorn, and if you haven’t read the first book in the series….you shouldn’t read this). Because, what fun is reading a book when you know what’s going to happen? Unless you’re one of those people who reads the end first…or actively seeks out spoilers because you’re impatient. Well I will not enable you! You can get over that addiction, I know you can.

Nightmare Garden picks up where the first book in the series, The Iron Thorn, left off. (And really if you haven’t even read the first one why are you reading this?! Go…buy it or get it off your dusty shelf and read the darn thing. What? Oh, you don’t read YA books because you’re an adult? Well, I have no cookies for you then. Be gone). And it continues the story in an ‘edge of your seat, nail biting, have to put the book down and walk away to recompose’ way. I personally love books like this. I enjoy that feeling of my heart racing a mile a minute, the adrenaline of worrying what the frak is going to happen.

I should state, right off the bat that I am totally Team Dean. I root for him, have since the first book and it was really nice to learn more about him. Also? We meet his mother. Wow. Just…wow. It was also nice to see Aoife grow more than she had in the first book. Plus? The story is uh-may-zzzzing. There’s something about trilogies that just make every book (especially the second, I’ve always felt the second book in a trilogy is the most exciting) insanely edge of your seat good.

For those who have read the Iron Thorn, you know that stuff got real at the end of the book. With Lovecraft basically getting the apoca-doom treatment, I know I was wanting to know desperately what would happen. Especially to Aoife’s mother. Rest assured, questions are answered. New questions, well every book in a series brings some new questions and ponderings. But all in all this is a book and series I would reccomend to anyone regardless of their age.

Typically when I read something, even by an author I love, I find something that bothers me. Something I don’t agree with, or something that just doesn’t…mesh. With Kittredge I have never had that problem. All her books, the whole of the Nocturne City series, the Black London series and this…I have loved without question. She has taken up the spot in my heart as my favorite author.

Kittredge has a great writing style, and exceptional talent. I’m far from a critic but I know what I like, and what is good in my eyes. So, hats off to you Ms. Kittredge for another amazing book. I can’t wait to read the next Iron Codex book. Thank you for giving us Aoife (and for giving me Dean…I really ❤ Dean).

And to the rest of you reading this in interwebs land…Go out and read! Read these books now. You won’t regret it. And that’s the last I’ll say about it, but don’t come running to me when you have nothing good to read.

And now I’m off to work. Second cup of coffee at the ready. Because you can never have too many quad white mochas….

Death by Pen…a dialogue

So, I was talking with my friend Gen and we were, initially, discussing Grosse Point Blank. Which then turned into something else entirely.


Gen: I totally forgot about the death by pen in this movie.

Me: ! Death by pen!? Awesome. Someone is totally dying by pen in my novel now.

Gen: Right? Right in the jugular…or maybe the eye?

Me: I was thinking ear first, then right underneath the jaw.

Gen: NICE. (a momentary pause in the conversation) You know, only writers can have a conversation about death-by-pen. “IN THE JUGULAR!” “NOOO! The EAR!”

Me: HA! Yes, if normal people saw the things we talk about they’d be terrified.

Gen: Human Egg Slicers.

Me: …that alone.


The human egg slicer thing…well, you REALLY had to be there. It came in as part of a story-line we were working on. And, that was years ago. It’s stuck.  Safe to say whenever I feel blocked, I return to that idea. I’ve yet to actually PUT a human egg slicer into a story. Mostly because I’m afraid the general populace would not know how to handle it. Though, with as many people that loved the Saw movies, I’m fairly certain society is just as messed up as me. 

The Six Worst Movies…EVER.

There are a lot of things I read or watch purely out of a morbid sense of curiosity (“Oh that green gunk is GLOWING! Must touch…” yeah that’s me).  I always end up regretting that decision. Either I become so enraged that the only thing I am capable of doing is sputtering out sounds for a good hour or two while throwing and flailing my limbs about as if that proves what I’m not saying; or I become so fundamentally depressed that “x” amount of time has been stolen from my life I decided to bury myself into watching all thirteen episodes of Firefly in one go. You know, just to cleanse my soul and eyes from the offal that I forced myself to watch.

I’ve decided to compile a list of the worst films/television I have ever watched. I’ve slimmed it down to six, because recalling any more in detail would send me into a hysterical state.  Bringing these forth is simply an act of kindness to humanity, so that you may avoid the same fate I was forced to endure.


6. LEGEND OF THE BOG:  There are some movies, especially in the vein of horror, that are so bad they’re good. It’s a fine line and a damn hard one not to cross. (Side note: I think the key to that lays with not taking yourself entirely too serious when making a film like that).  Then, there are films that are so awful you want to throw your television into the pool, or bathtub if you don’t have a pool.  This was, sadly, one of the latter. It had one of my favorite actors in it, Vinnie Jones. If you don’t know who Vinnie Jones is, you live under a rock and I can’t help you. Truthfully I expected this movie to be bad. But I had hoped it would be like all the other bad horror movies I watch, so bad it’s good. With someone like Vinnie Jones in the cast how could it not be right? ….Wrong. It was easily the most terrible movie I have ever watched. Truth be told, Vinnie Jones and Nora Jane Noone (from The Magdalene Sisters, The Descent and Doomsday) were the only good parts of the movie. Alas, not even they could save it. I wish I could explain to you the full scale of awful this movie was, without degrading to stuttering and fist shaking.  Oh, and there was the token nasty American business woman, trying to climb mounds of grass and mud in completely unpractical shoes. Nice to know we’re a “token” something now. Sigh. I would say, watch for yourself and see, but I don’t want to be to blame for anyone throwing their televisions at the wall.


5. ZOMBIE STRIPPERS:  I don’t know quite what to say about this one. The title sums up the movie pretty well.  In fact, really everything you need to know about this movie is contained in those two words. An ex of mine had told me I should watch this movie “I love it, it’s awesome.” That right there should have been a clue to me. We didn’t have what you would call “similar tastes”.  In fact she found my love of cult, B and crappy horror movies revolting.  So why then, she would recommend a zombie film to me? Should have known better. It was enough that I wanted to claw my eyes out when I was done. It didn’t take itself seriously, which usually in that kind of movie is a good thing. But, not in this case. There was a level of “Who on earth gave you money for this?!” going on. I’m pretty sure I scared my neighbors at one point or another.  When I emerged from watching the film, I could only say “No more.” I shook my head, grabbed a beer and went back to my Girl Cave to watch Firefly.


4. TWILIGHT :  IF you’ve read any of my other posts, you know my disdain for Twilight. See, I have this thing against actresses who get work when they only have three facial expressions. Also when their talent lays mostly in breathy sentences and dumb stares. You know, I thought the book was bad, but Kristen stewart’s excuse for acting made me realize the book is solid gold compared to the movies. Not to mention said movies have spawned legions of dumb kids running around going fangirl crying about their love for “Team Edward” while simultaneously trying to convince the world Twilight did werewolves first.  I more have a problem with the last bit. Everyone’s entitled to fangirl about something. I go fangirl over anything Felicia Day works on….but I don’t go around trying to convince the world that Ms. Day was the first redhead ever, or the first gamer ever…or…something.  I fangirl in the privacy of my home, to my friends and just now on this blog. If I saw her on the street I wouldn’t run up shrieking begging her to sign my shirt. (Uhm, truthfully I’d never run up to her like these tweens do to Robbie Pat. I’d look at whoever I was with and go “DUDE. That’s totally Felicia Day! She’s awesome!” Because…I’m a huge fan of …I don’t know not being a psychopath?).  This got off track. Vampires don’t fucking sparkle. Enough said.


3.  ONE EYED MONSTER: You know you’re in for it when Ron Jeremy is in a horror movie. To make him feel comfortable (though I highly doubt the Ronster NEEDS anything to feel comfortable), it was a horror movie set on a porno set.  I still have trouble wrapping my head around this movie, and if I try to explain any complex details- undoubtedly your head will also explode. Its about an alien entity that hijacks Ron Jeremy’s penis to go on a murderous rampage. Yep, you absolutely read that right. AN ALIEN HOMICIDAL PENIS. IDEK….yeah.  Arguably the ONLY redeeming factor to this movie is that Amber Benson was in it. And I tell you it was the only reason I watched it until the end. Oh…and how they kill the alien/demon schlong? An old hussy of a porn star traps it in her LADY PARTS and squeezes until it explodes, also killing her with tons of alien penile seed….oh god I feel horrible just TYPING that.


2.   THANKSKILLING: Demon Turkey. This teeters on the edge of being “so bad it’s good” and “shoot me now please”.  I’m going toward the latter with it simply because….It’s a murderous demon Turkey. And, the acting is awful. Though, the Turkey is the best character so that should really tell you something.  He’s a cursed turkey. And it’s college kids that incur his wrath.  The special effects left so much to be desired.  Honestly, I don’t have much else to say about this movie. Just uh….yeah beware demon turkeys.


  1. CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST: This movie has disturbed anyone who watched it. I know this because in order NOT to be disturbed by it…you have to have absolutely no soul. This movie isn’t on the list because it’s horridly acted. Actually it’s on here because the acting and effects were TOO good. It was most disturbing because it felt so real. Not to mention that there was some serious animal cruelty crap (certain scenes they slaughtered actual live animals) going on. Now, I’m usually of the volition that “I can watch people hacked to bits in movies, just not animals.” But this movie COMPLETELY challenged my previous disposition. I in fact, couldn’t stand to see what was happening to the people in the movie. When it was released it caused some SERIOUS scandal issues. People thought it was real. You can read more about that here. I have never had cause to feel dirty on the inside, where no amount of Clorox scrubbed on my skin will clean me. The only thing I could say to my friend after she showed me this movie was “I’ll never sleep again. I feel so dirty. I’ll never be the same.”  A little bit of me died that night.  Thankfully I was able to forget by diving headfirst into a bottle of wine and never looking back. It’s one film I’ll never watch again. Also…please for the love of the almighty don’t run out and watch it. Take my word for it. I don’t want to be responsible if you cut out your own eyes.

Right. So, officially the six worst movies I have yet to see. I’m sure in the coming years there will be more, as bad ideas seem to come in droves.  Well then, I’m off. It’s snowing here again and I have the biggest desire to make tons of tea and curl up with Netflix, exploring the vast world of bad 60s exploitation horror flicks. Yeah, what can I say. I’m a glutton for punishment.

Setbacks are set-backish

So things with work have been rather crazy the last few weeks and my intentions of reviews are sort of falling to the wayside. Apologies indeed. I hope to get some accomplished this week…okay at LEAST 1. It’s just been difficult to focus on things outside of the mounting pile of everything that must be done for work.  So, they will come soon and they will be awesome. 

Plans. Plans. and More Plans

The up and coming.  I generally don’t plan out what I’m going to gripe about ahead of time. It’s usually a spur of the moment thing, but I figured a little organization never hurt anyone right? RIGHT. So here’s a happy little list for you. So you know what to expect in the near future (though if I get the call I’ve been waiting for today, things are going to get a little crazy personally for a few weeks until I settle into my new place).

  • Nightmare Garden Review- Caitlin Kittredge’s newest book in the Iron Codex series. Sure, it’s YA and I’m not but it’s such an amazing story that I don’t frakkin’ care if you think I’m weird for reading it. Expect this by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. As I’m actively trying to pace myself in reading this, and not pull an all nighter to read it in one go (or play hookey from work. because that would be bad….)
  • Shadow Heir Review – Richelle Mead’s final book in the Dark Swan series. I read it, it was amazing and I’m going to talk about it. There may be some spoilers from some of the other books….but you’ll be warned ahead of time if you haven’t read it yet.
  • Night of the Living Dorks Review- A German movie about zombies. It’s older but I just watched it. You get to hear about it.
  • The 6 Worst Films Ever Made- Because I can’t have all this nice without chronicling SOME of the bad. It says a lot, considering how I love most movies people think are terrible, I have a thing for bad horror films but the ones I will be mentioning are absolutely deplorable. Brain cells actually died in the process of watching them.


So there you have it. My plans. Not so diabolical, which I think is a good thing. Too diabolical and you all may think I’m some crazy person. Anyway, hope you enjoy what’s to come.

In Which I Discuss Donna Bell’s Bake Shop…

It’s no big surprise that I love sweets. And I know I was trying to keep this blog purely about reading and movies and television, but you know…it does KIND OF fall into that vein (all will be explained momentarily).  A very large portion of my family is from the south, North Carolina to be more specific, so I’ve grown up loving southern food.  To this day I don’t think there’s any cruddy mood that can’t be fixed with some cornbread or grits, or some spectacular barbecue? You know, that salty pulled pork that melts in your mouth and takes you right on down to where people are just more friendly and the food is rib sticking delicious. Oh and the sweets? Many a summer spent chowing down on the good stuff visiting family.

It’s also not big news that I am A HUGE fan of Pauley Perette and have been for quite some time.  Now I know you’re probably wondering what the heck I’m getting at, at sitting there begging for me to get to the point. So. I will.

I was in New York for a short time this weekend, and got the chance (well okay when I knew I was going in I wanted to make this specific stop) to visit Donna Bell’s Bake Shop on West 49th.  If you have never heard of it, a.) you are SERIOUSLY missing out b.) see a.  The shop is owned by Pauley Perette (see how this fits now?) and her two best friends. You can check them out online at  and I say do that, the menu is awesome. You’ll be drooling just staring at it.

One thing I have to give this place is the friendly staff. When I went in I was helped by one of the owners, Darren. He was a complete and utter delight. Having been in the food service industry myself for the longest time (and only recently getting back into it after a few year hiatus) I’m used to that sort of spiky personality. The one that says “Just frakkin’ order and hurry it up will you?”.  I never know what to expect, and I tend to keep my guard up and not show the friendlier side to me, just in case.


But when I walked into Donna Bell’s I felt like I was in a family kitchen. It wasn’t anything anyone said, it was just a feeling. Like the feeling you get when you walk into your grandmother’s house and smell bacon on a sunday morning.  I was so immediately relaxed that I started gushing to my friends about how excited I was to be there, and how good everything looked and that I wanted to take home one of everything. (Which I sadly couldn’t because we were on our way out to dinner).


After milling about for a little while, we got to placing our orders. And we ended up chatting with Darren for a few minutes. I (completely unable to keep my cool and be a normal person) gushed about how much I loved Pauley Perette and was so excited to be in the bakery, and how nice he was. And how everything looked delicious.  This came all out in probably one breathless stream of words. Not only did he not call me crazy, he engaged in the conversation. We chatted for a while. He was quite possibly the NICEST person I have ever met. I have to say it was just so easy to chat with him. He told us a little more about the bakery, let us take a picture inside (because I was so giddy that I was actually there), with a promo picture of Pauley. Now, I’m sure my friend thought it was cheesy (nothing new, I’m a huge dork/nerd/ball of cheese) but I was ready to break out into song and dance.

Now, don’t think it’s my pre-disposed bias that’s making me give this place a good review. I’ve been to other places that I have either personally known the owner, or knew of them and liked them- and its been a terrible experience. Nearly 10 years in food service lets you, while being a gushing fan-girl, objectively judge a place and its staff. There was nothing to judge at Donna Bell’s. It was a singularly pleasing experience that I wish I still lived in NJ so I could go there more often.


I got a chocolate cream pie which I ended up not eating until the next night after stupidly on my part letting it sit out all day- and it was still good so I can only IMAGINE what deliciousness would have danced on my tongue had I not left it sitting on the counter overnight.  I’d go back again in a heartbeat. I’d recommend it to anyone visiting New York in a heartbeat. In fact, I’ll do it now. If you’re in New York GO! You won’t regret it. Great staff and great food. You really can’t beat that.


So my hat goes off to you Pauley, Matthew and Darren; for opening a wonderful business that brings southern hospitality (and the food. dear god the food) to a place full of hectic chaos and rush. With your food and friendly atmosphere it allows us all to slow down a step and enjoy the finer things. Food born philosophy. I will be back to your wonderful establishment and I will tell everyone I can to go there as well.  Below are the two pictures from my excursion. (I’m the one in the banana yellow coat btw.)

This Rant Has Nothing to Do with Books and Everything to Do with Politics.

I try to stay quiet about certain things. I’m not usually one these days to scream at every homophobic politician that has his head so far up his OWN ass that really you have to wonder about his own heterosexuality. When I was a teenager I cried out over every outrage to the LGBTQ community. I went to protests in college. I wrote scathing articles in my school’s paper.  I was every bit the wide eyed, optimistic for being able to change the future gay teen that most people imagine we all are.

I don’t know where I lost my fervor for justice. Somewhere along the line I cooled down, decided to let the politicians fight it out. But the whole while I was secretly outraged at every miscarriage of the law and every anti-gay comment politicians made. Still, I fell into work. I couldn’t, with the jobs (and job) that I have had (and currently have sad to say), stand up and be vocal.  Protests? Surely not. It became tiresome and I am sad to admit that I decided my energy would be best spent elsewhere. Letting people who knew what they were doing protest and fight for our rights.

But lately I’ve started coming to the realization that who are we if we let other people fight for us? How can I sit back and watch as every conservative candidate for the presidency is attacking me and everyone in the community? They aren’t doing it with fists. They aren’t starting witchhunts with villagers chasing us with pitchforks. They’re doing it with something far more deadly. Words and ideas. See, words and ideas can be a blessing or a curse. They go where fists can’t. They plant seeds of dissention, they sow discord among the ranks.

Words are the most powerful weapon that the human race possesses. I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t care if you say talking through something yields no results. It might not right away. But give it time. Say the same thing enough times and it damn well does work.  The problem is, that we are outnumbered. It’s a sad but true fact. I suppose that’s why I calmed myself down. I didn’t see the point in it. “It’s not going to happen in our generation or even the next.” I’d say.  “This battle will wage for decades, why should I bother?”  That made me far worse than any right-wing lunatic screaming that because I don’t want to jump into bed with a man, I’m more vile than the devil himself.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m no one. Just a girl from the North East sitting in front of her computer on a saturday morning tired of reading the same stories. Tired of seeing that people have killed themselves, tired of hearing that “Oh well he’s the best candidate for President. What the hell has Obama done?” and thinking… “Well, he’s kept the presidency from using every resource to start a gay witch hunt. He repealed don’t ask don’t tell and he’s trying to keep his head above water with a oppositional majority in congress. Oh! and he did bring all the troops home like he promised.”

I doubt anyone will read this post but the few people I know. That’s fine. But at least I’m saying it. At least I’m getting this out there. You have the loud fanatics like some super-christian soldiers on Twitter (not mentioning names because really…I don’t want to get into a personal name calling contest) who offer that we are vile, that we are evil incarnate. That our lifestyle raises hoodlums and ne’er do wells. They say that no homosexual person is capable of monogamy. When I hear that I laugh. I laugh so hard I nearly pee myself. Take a step down from your soap box. Look around at the world. Look at reality television for God’s sake! How many promiscuous heterosexual people are idolized on them? What kind of a world do we live in where amazing intellectuals and artists who just happen to be gay are looked down on by their own government?

Rick Perry posted an ad, in it he said “There’s something wrong with this country if gays can openly serve in the military but you can’t pray in public school.” (or something to that effect). No, Mr. Perry. There’s nothing wrong with this country. We are a country FOUNDED on religious freedom. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Did I miss the memo that said “only if you’re christian, white and straight”?  We are a country, or we should be, of tolerance for ALL religions.  Get off your high horses.  Muslims aren’t evil. Yes, there are fanatical sects of Islam but guess the fuck what! There are also radical sects of Christianity. Look no further than the Westboro Baptist Church for that.  Homoesexual people aren’t evil either. Yes, there are promiscuous gays but there are also a hell of a lot more promiscuous straight people.


They want less government involvement. GREAT! Then take that and stay out of my bedroom. Who I love isn’t the problem. The problem is their fear. Their cowardice and unwillingness to understand and accept a lifestyle that isn’t theirs. They are cowards. Every one of them. They hide behind their words and their status, they make up studies that say having two homosexual parents is worse than having absentee, jailed parents? I’d love to see the study and the credentials on the person who performed that study please. Oh what’s that? You can’t produce it? Funny that.

I am so tired of hearing this. I’m so tired of the Christian argument over homosexuality. It’s sad, it’s sad because with people that thick headed you are never going to change their minds. But, we can change the minds of people we meet. We can continue to be the people we are and show the rest of the country that there’s nothing wrong with being gay. It shouldn’t be an issue. It’s just another way of being on the grand spectrum of life. But it is an issue. I’m sad to say it will always be an issue to some degree. Hate doesn’t go away. It’s a weed that always manages t o worm it’s way back to the surface.

So. This year I urge everyone to vote, more than I ever would have in the past. If you like a candidate simply because of their fiscal platforms take a look at their bigger picture. Think about what kind of person you want running this country. Do you want someone that looks at other walks of life as evil and vile? What sort of example does that give the rest of the world? And how terrifying a thought is it when you think of it in terms of Foreign Policy?  Think about your friends, nieces, sisters, daughters, brothers, sons, fathers, nephews….are any of them gay? Do you want to see them thrown into the category of second class citizen? Not allowed to be with who they love? Not allowed to have children? Think about life. Not money. Money may talk, but when all is said and done it is our connectivity with one another that matter. The human race survived evolution for a reason. We’re intelligent beings capable of amazing things.

I’m far from educated when it comes to the political world. I call it like I see it. And I’m distressed. I’m tired of sitting in the background. I’m tired of being quiet like everyone expects me to. I’m tired of ignoring the fact that people are trying to tell me who I can love, whether or not I can enter into a legally binding marriage (god has nothing to do with this Christians) and receive the benefits of said legally binding contract (and civil unions ARE NOT the same) and if I can have children or not. You know…I am disappointed in America. Disappointed that we’ve become such a greedy, me me me society that we can’t look at the bigger picture. Look at the bigger picture people. You let them take away rights from one group…who knows what’s next.  Politicians are inherently malevolent creatures. Most only care about themselves. But that’s the system we have. So let’s look at every aspect of a politician’s platform and make educated votes based on the kind of country you want to live in. One that is fueled by hate and ignorance? Or one that’s fueled by the educated decision making a government SHOULD be run by.

Farewell to “The Girl Who Waited”….

Doctor Who is a passion of mine. Not to say I walk around in a bow tie and fez, though come on in the words of the 11th Doctor “Fezzes are cool”.  It’s one of those shows that gets me daydreaming. It gets my weird little brain working on the what ifs. And the what ifs often fuel my writing. So, I love it. Not to mention, who wouldn’t want to sail around the universe in a TARDIS? I’m fairly certain, even if they don’t admit it out loud, anyone who has ever watched Doctor Who (reboot or old series) for any length of time has imagined what it would be like.

The Doctor has companions. Lovely lasses (and in the case of Rory Williams .. lads) who fly around with him helping to save the universe from Alien threats. The companions never last long. The longest two we’ve had in the reboot have been Rose Tyler (see earlier posts for my COMPLETE distaste for her) and Amy Pond. Oh Amy Pond, the girl who waited. 

Now. I’ll get to my sad send off in a moment. I first want to reflect on the other two companions in the last six seasons that had any merit to them.  First, we had Martha Jones. Now, Martha has gotten more play in some episodes of Torchwood. Which is great. Doctor Jones was charismatic, beautiful and smart. She could keep up with the Doctor and no, she didn’t fall head over heels blindly in love with him.  Sure, every companion loves the Doctor in their own way. How can you not love a man who saves the universe and time itself at every go? But Martha wasn’t completely clouded by it. She was a girl who could stand on her own two feet. I genuinely adored Martha, and I still do. 

Donna. Played by the comedic great Catherine Tate. I love Catherine Tate. She’s funny as all hell and her show ‘The Catherine Tate Show’ keeps me laughing. Though, as far as companions went she wasn’t the greatest. She wasn’t entirely memorable except for her comedic performances. But you know, I still liked her better than Rose.

Sigh. Amy Pond. By far my favorite companion. There’s something about Amy Pond that just fits. She’s the sort of companion I imagine I would be if I lived in the fictional world. Amy, the girl who waited, the one who can remember things no one else can. She’s brought the Doctor back, she’s the mother of one of my favorite tv characters of all time River Song (aka Melody Pond).  At first I was wary about Amy Pond as a companion. I didn’t like her at first go. But over the last two seasons she’s made  her way into my heart. Due largely in part to the stellar performance of Karen Gillan. But alas, Amy Pond is bidding farewell to her time travelling adventures. It makes me sad. In fact when I heard it I teared a little.  I will miss Amy Pond. I will miss what she has become, and I will mourn the loss of what she could have been.  Sure, we’ll have her for a few episodes in season seven. I’m glad for that. But I will miss Amy terribly. She is, by far, my favorite companion of the reboot. I’ll miss the interplay between her and Rory. The almost tender moments between her and River. The darkness when she killed that bitch who’s name I can’t spell. All parts of Amy Pond will remain in my heart. 

Who ever could fill that hole? I just hope the next companion will be as great as she. So I’m tipping a glass to Amy Pond. Bidding her a fond farewell. And of course wishing actress Karen Gillan all the best in her career. I hope she lands more kick ass roles. Though none will I love her in half as much as Doctor Who.

The Lonely Heart of a Former Anita Blake Fan…

Everyone has the one author their friend recommends, or they pick up randomly in a bookstore (the author’s book, not the author themselves).  They read this author and suddenly a new world or genre opens up for them. Actually usually it’s just a new genre. I have yet to hear of inter-dimensional/world rifts opening after reading the first chapter of a book. Though, I wish it did. I could use one. Don’t you worry about what I’d use it for. Not taking over the world…. (This one anyway).

In any case; You read this author for the first time and you climb to the highest mountain and scream “OH DEAR GOD WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING?!” The sun parts the clouds and suddenly, you reach an enlightened state. Or maybe like normal people, you just really fucking love the book so much you want to read everything the author has ever written.

That was me when my best friend said “You know what you would like? The Anita Blake Series.” So I borrowed Guilty Pleasures and was immediately plunged into a genre I had never read before. Urban Fantasy. So of course, I adored the book so much I picked up every one that was out at the time. I devoured them like a kid devouring Reese’s cups on Halloween.  I loved it. I loved the genre. I had finally found what I had been missing in reading. Here was the same type of stories I myself wrote. Being a lowly youngster I had no idea there was even a market for this sort of thing. (Other than the short lived ‘She Wolf of London’ which I used as my excuse for writing a terrible werewolf story in sixth grade).

I had a good few years of loving Anita. Here was a strong heroine. She raised the dead for a living and was a vampire executioner. She had scars. She was short and had curly hair. She was a HUMAN. Well, she was technically a necromancer but still human.

Anita and I had a good few books together. But sometimes, love just doesn’t last. Around The Killing Dance it started going downhill. The initial few sex scenes slowly began turning into chapters upon chapters of sex. Anita herself became a sort of…sex feeder human/almost shifter/vampire human servant….thing.  I tried. I tried to keep the love affair going, but Anita soon became something I wasn’t happy with.

It was my own personal opinion. I never berated LKH for throwing the monkey wrench into the story I had held so dear. I understand. I get it. A series that goes on that long, things change. Hey, she’s the writer and some people still love her stuff. That’s great. For her and the fans that still read the Anita series.

I gave it right up until Anita got the Ardeur. Yeah, that’s when I decided my favorite Urban Fantasy series had become little more than a paranormal harlequin romance. And while I certainly don’t look down my nose at those (I have friends who love them) it’s really just not my thing. In fact, I was pissed off. I sort of still am. I’m pissed because for a while people still tried to convince me that it was hardcore and bad ass and worth my time and money. It was hardcore alright. Hardcore shape shifting porn. Bad ass? More like ass-less chaps. The books still had a thinly veiled story line so I can see where the confusion comes in. But here’s a good way to know you’re not reading anything but smut, when every page you randomly turn to has a sex scene.

I’m not saying LKH is a bad writer. I think she has a great story-telling ability. I wish I could write half as well as the first Anita Blake books were written. I know I’m all but destined to write my little stories and have my friends and family read them only.  I’m okay with this. I write because I love to tell a story. So some of you may not think that qualifies me to criticize a highly paid author, but as a consumer and avid reader I think I have a right to voice my opinion.

I’m not saying don’t buy her stuff. I never would do that. I think there’s a lot of people who would LOVE  it. And that’s awesome. Great for you. Me? I still mourn the loss of my once beloved series. There’s a void that will never be quite filled. Some say it’s been rebooted, that it’s better now. It just left such a bad taste in my mouth I don’t know if I can bring myself to face the disappointment.

Thankfully, over the years I have discovered amazing authors and series that I can read; Authors that just keep coming up with more and more awesome. So a brief thank you to some of the authors who gave me faith in the publishing industry again.

And to you Anita. I hope someday we can meet again and our meeting will be a joyous one.