Something Bigger, Something Brighter

So, big things are coming.  Officially this is now ,  and in effort to make things more official-like, we’re going to have menus, categories and some other goodies on here too.  I already have a few things in the works and thanks to the amazing expertise of my good friend, this place is going to get a makeover- Fearnet style.  I can’t promise anything since it’s all still in the early stages.  But, I ask you bear with us while we get things underway.  I promise you the end result will be fantastic.


And I already have a few reviews I’m writing. So, once the new and improved site gets launched- you can look forward to those.  We’re going to branch into movie reviews as well.  So, if there’s anything you’d like to see on here feel free to email us at  .  We’ll work on getting that underway.  Keep on the lookout for updates, contribution requests and other such deliciousness.


See you all soon!


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