One Nation, Under Geeks….

…and I forgot the last words of the Pledge of Allegiance. Seriously I sat here for five minutes trying to remember. In any case.  This post is brought to you at the behest of my friends to get the name out there for our facebook group/campaign.  See, it should be noted that we don’t seriously expect it to happen. But in a time of such varying political viewpoints and agendas I decided that I wanted to put my faith in someone who was….well…kick ass.  And not in a re-election kind of way.

Felicia Day for President started after a conversation (probably riddled with beer) that I was so tired of stuffy guys in suits running things when they didn’t know what it was like to be the typical American. I should note that when I have even one drink, I become a pseudo-philosopher and think that all my grand ideas make sense.  They usually don’t but this one stuck because it was a funny kind of awesome. Funny in that my friends actually agreed with me.  I said “You know who I would vote for? Felicia Day. Hell, I’d even write her in!”  My disdain for politics is nothing new, and the idea of my heroine in the world of all things geek and nerdy running the show made sense at the time.
Now It’s sort of just become an on-going thing. I’ll ignore political news with a simple “Eh I’m voting for Felicia Day.”  it confuses most people. Mostly because the people I say that kind of comment to are not in the know.

Anyway. Last night my friends and I were talking about the group and it was decided that I needed to “blow it up.”  It’s certainly not meant as a political statement. Not intentionally anyway.  It’s fun to imagine a country run by my heroes, the only people in the world that I would get starstruck around if I ever met them. So we delved deeper than just Felicia Day last night.  Who would be the Vice President? Secretary of State? ….we crafted out the leaders and aptly entitled our imaginary land of awesome….  The United States of Geekdom.  Or Nerdmerica. We haven’t decided which of them would catch on more.  Anycase.  Below is what we came up with and the rest I filled in on my own this morning:

President:  Felicia Day

Vice President:  Wil Wheaton

Secretary of Defense:  Edward James Olmos (to be referred to as “Adama”)

Secretary of State:  Neil Patrick Harris

Political Speechwriter: Joss Whedon

Speaker of the House:  Nathan Fillion

I’m on a hunt to figure out who would fit best for the other positions and you can expect a list later on.  but for now, imagine the awesomeness of Nerdmerica.  Everyone loves NPH- I suspect world peace could be a reality….all he would need to do was smile.  Oh yes. That or he could decimate enemies with his Freeze Ray- er…right. We’re going for something bigger and better. No decimating. No Decimating. But in any case, I give you the fun musings of friends. Check out the facebook group for Felicia Day for President here


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