Project of Epic Proportions….maybe.

It may or may not be epic. In fact it’s really not all that much…but hey it’s an interesting project and I’m trying my hand at creativity that doesn’t involve leather, feathers and beads…and I just realized how WRONG that sounds. (In my spare time I make dream catchers. It’s a nice stress reliever.)


So I’m moving into my apartment next week, and the living/bed room area are all one giant space. Now, while I personally don’t really give a damn I’m fairly certain people visiting don’t want to see my bed while watching tv.  So in an effort to create a separate space and give a little pizazz to the tiny apartment I will be calling home for the next year, I decided I was going to get a shoji screen.  The only problem is they are EXPENSIVE. But I was going to buckle down, it would be an investment in the long run and I figured hey, at some point I could mutilate it with zombie paraphenalia.


Then my aunt and uncle say to me yesterday, “HEY! We have this awesome 3 panel screen that we don’t need anymore. It was originally for pictures and some of the glass is missing but it’s yours if you want it.”  My packrat heart went all a crazy. I figured I could pick up some same size frames at the dollar store and replace the glass and backing and voila….working screen.  No need to spend the money I got from selling my kidney on ebay to buy one! I can save that for the ferrari….or the lambourghini….in my mind.


So today, I’m driving to Starbucks for my rocketfuel and I pass by michael’s. All of a sudden, while singing along to Half Jack and sipping my coffee with not one, not two, not three but FOUR shots of espresso….I think “I’m going to turn that screen into something of Steampunk awesome.” And then my twitchy Hammy-resembling brain went into overdrive. I went into Michaels and bought All the Things Ever and then promptly drove home like a giddy goose because the cashier at Michael’s asked what I was going to make and I told her and she got as excited as I was (the joys of connectivity in nerdiness).


I’m a fan of antiques, and industrial looking stuff. I love old nautical, old industrial and old..everything. So I figured this was going to be a perfect awesome addition to my veritable closet (all joking aside it’s a cute little space) and a project for me to tell my imaginary friends (that would be you guys reading this) about.   And because i generally don’t do stuff like this, I’m rather proud of just the idea of it.  So, I painted it today. Letting it dry and then tomorrow night I’m going to sand and touch it up a bit because I want it to look old and gritty. I may add some embellishments like writing or something but…yeah.


Then over the course of this week, there will be all sorts of steps. Aging pictures with tea, aging canvas fabric with tea..trying NOT to glue my fingers together while I Gorilla glue things onto the wood and then finally awesomeness of the finished product.  Though, this may end up NOT getting done until next week because I have a ton of things to do for work, moving to coordinate and possibly a story to write.  Fear not, as the process continues there will be pictures, witty asides and probably cursing and crying as I try to unglue my appendages from one another.


NOTE: I was going to put the before and after’s of the paint job up now but I just realized I took the pics without a memory card in my camera and I can’t find the USB cord to upload them. So, you’ll get them in the next update. SIGH.


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