Death by Pen…a dialogue

So, I was talking with my friend Gen and we were, initially, discussing Grosse Point Blank. Which then turned into something else entirely.


Gen: I totally forgot about the death by pen in this movie.

Me: ! Death by pen!? Awesome. Someone is totally dying by pen in my novel now.

Gen: Right? Right in the jugular…or maybe the eye?

Me: I was thinking ear first, then right underneath the jaw.

Gen: NICE. (a momentary pause in the conversation) You know, only writers can have a conversation about death-by-pen. “IN THE JUGULAR!” “NOOO! The EAR!”

Me: HA! Yes, if normal people saw the things we talk about they’d be terrified.

Gen: Human Egg Slicers.

Me: …that alone.


The human egg slicer thing…well, you REALLY had to be there. It came in as part of a story-line we were working on. And, that was years ago. It’s stuck.  Safe to say whenever I feel blocked, I return to that idea. I’ve yet to actually PUT a human egg slicer into a story. Mostly because I’m afraid the general populace would not know how to handle it. Though, with as many people that loved the Saw movies, I’m fairly certain society is just as messed up as me. 


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