This Rant Has Nothing to Do with Books and Everything to Do with Politics.

I try to stay quiet about certain things. I’m not usually one these days to scream at every homophobic politician that has his head so far up his OWN ass that really you have to wonder about his own heterosexuality. When I was a teenager I cried out over every outrage to the LGBTQ community. I went to protests in college. I wrote scathing articles in my school’s paper.  I was every bit the wide eyed, optimistic for being able to change the future gay teen that most people imagine we all are.

I don’t know where I lost my fervor for justice. Somewhere along the line I cooled down, decided to let the politicians fight it out. But the whole while I was secretly outraged at every miscarriage of the law and every anti-gay comment politicians made. Still, I fell into work. I couldn’t, with the jobs (and job) that I have had (and currently have sad to say), stand up and be vocal.  Protests? Surely not. It became tiresome and I am sad to admit that I decided my energy would be best spent elsewhere. Letting people who knew what they were doing protest and fight for our rights.

But lately I’ve started coming to the realization that who are we if we let other people fight for us? How can I sit back and watch as every conservative candidate for the presidency is attacking me and everyone in the community? They aren’t doing it with fists. They aren’t starting witchhunts with villagers chasing us with pitchforks. They’re doing it with something far more deadly. Words and ideas. See, words and ideas can be a blessing or a curse. They go where fists can’t. They plant seeds of dissention, they sow discord among the ranks.

Words are the most powerful weapon that the human race possesses. I don’t care what anyone says. I don’t care if you say talking through something yields no results. It might not right away. But give it time. Say the same thing enough times and it damn well does work.  The problem is, that we are outnumbered. It’s a sad but true fact. I suppose that’s why I calmed myself down. I didn’t see the point in it. “It’s not going to happen in our generation or even the next.” I’d say.  “This battle will wage for decades, why should I bother?”  That made me far worse than any right-wing lunatic screaming that because I don’t want to jump into bed with a man, I’m more vile than the devil himself.

In the grand scheme of things, I’m no one. Just a girl from the North East sitting in front of her computer on a saturday morning tired of reading the same stories. Tired of seeing that people have killed themselves, tired of hearing that “Oh well he’s the best candidate for President. What the hell has Obama done?” and thinking… “Well, he’s kept the presidency from using every resource to start a gay witch hunt. He repealed don’t ask don’t tell and he’s trying to keep his head above water with a oppositional majority in congress. Oh! and he did bring all the troops home like he promised.”

I doubt anyone will read this post but the few people I know. That’s fine. But at least I’m saying it. At least I’m getting this out there. You have the loud fanatics like some super-christian soldiers on Twitter (not mentioning names because really…I don’t want to get into a personal name calling contest) who offer that we are vile, that we are evil incarnate. That our lifestyle raises hoodlums and ne’er do wells. They say that no homosexual person is capable of monogamy. When I hear that I laugh. I laugh so hard I nearly pee myself. Take a step down from your soap box. Look around at the world. Look at reality television for God’s sake! How many promiscuous heterosexual people are idolized on them? What kind of a world do we live in where amazing intellectuals and artists who just happen to be gay are looked down on by their own government?

Rick Perry posted an ad, in it he said “There’s something wrong with this country if gays can openly serve in the military but you can’t pray in public school.” (or something to that effect). No, Mr. Perry. There’s nothing wrong with this country. We are a country FOUNDED on religious freedom. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Did I miss the memo that said “only if you’re christian, white and straight”?  We are a country, or we should be, of tolerance for ALL religions.  Get off your high horses.  Muslims aren’t evil. Yes, there are fanatical sects of Islam but guess the fuck what! There are also radical sects of Christianity. Look no further than the Westboro Baptist Church for that.  Homoesexual people aren’t evil either. Yes, there are promiscuous gays but there are also a hell of a lot more promiscuous straight people.


They want less government involvement. GREAT! Then take that and stay out of my bedroom. Who I love isn’t the problem. The problem is their fear. Their cowardice and unwillingness to understand and accept a lifestyle that isn’t theirs. They are cowards. Every one of them. They hide behind their words and their status, they make up studies that say having two homosexual parents is worse than having absentee, jailed parents? I’d love to see the study and the credentials on the person who performed that study please. Oh what’s that? You can’t produce it? Funny that.

I am so tired of hearing this. I’m so tired of the Christian argument over homosexuality. It’s sad, it’s sad because with people that thick headed you are never going to change their minds. But, we can change the minds of people we meet. We can continue to be the people we are and show the rest of the country that there’s nothing wrong with being gay. It shouldn’t be an issue. It’s just another way of being on the grand spectrum of life. But it is an issue. I’m sad to say it will always be an issue to some degree. Hate doesn’t go away. It’s a weed that always manages t o worm it’s way back to the surface.

So. This year I urge everyone to vote, more than I ever would have in the past. If you like a candidate simply because of their fiscal platforms take a look at their bigger picture. Think about what kind of person you want running this country. Do you want someone that looks at other walks of life as evil and vile? What sort of example does that give the rest of the world? And how terrifying a thought is it when you think of it in terms of Foreign Policy?  Think about your friends, nieces, sisters, daughters, brothers, sons, fathers, nephews….are any of them gay? Do you want to see them thrown into the category of second class citizen? Not allowed to be with who they love? Not allowed to have children? Think about life. Not money. Money may talk, but when all is said and done it is our connectivity with one another that matter. The human race survived evolution for a reason. We’re intelligent beings capable of amazing things.

I’m far from educated when it comes to the political world. I call it like I see it. And I’m distressed. I’m tired of sitting in the background. I’m tired of being quiet like everyone expects me to. I’m tired of ignoring the fact that people are trying to tell me who I can love, whether or not I can enter into a legally binding marriage (god has nothing to do with this Christians) and receive the benefits of said legally binding contract (and civil unions ARE NOT the same) and if I can have children or not. You know…I am disappointed in America. Disappointed that we’ve become such a greedy, me me me society that we can’t look at the bigger picture. Look at the bigger picture people. You let them take away rights from one group…who knows what’s next.  Politicians are inherently malevolent creatures. Most only care about themselves. But that’s the system we have. So let’s look at every aspect of a politician’s platform and make educated votes based on the kind of country you want to live in. One that is fueled by hate and ignorance? Or one that’s fueled by the educated decision making a government SHOULD be run by.


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