Farewell to “The Girl Who Waited”….

Doctor Who is a passion of mine. Not to say I walk around in a bow tie and fez, though come on in the words of the 11th Doctor “Fezzes are cool”.  It’s one of those shows that gets me daydreaming. It gets my weird little brain working on the what ifs. And the what ifs often fuel my writing. So, I love it. Not to mention, who wouldn’t want to sail around the universe in a TARDIS? I’m fairly certain, even if they don’t admit it out loud, anyone who has ever watched Doctor Who (reboot or old series) for any length of time has imagined what it would be like.

The Doctor has companions. Lovely lasses (and in the case of Rory Williams .. lads) who fly around with him helping to save the universe from Alien threats. The companions never last long. The longest two we’ve had in the reboot have been Rose Tyler (see earlier posts for my COMPLETE distaste for her) and Amy Pond. Oh Amy Pond, the girl who waited. 

Now. I’ll get to my sad send off in a moment. I first want to reflect on the other two companions in the last six seasons that had any merit to them.  First, we had Martha Jones. Now, Martha has gotten more play in some episodes of Torchwood. Which is great. Doctor Jones was charismatic, beautiful and smart. She could keep up with the Doctor and no, she didn’t fall head over heels blindly in love with him.  Sure, every companion loves the Doctor in their own way. How can you not love a man who saves the universe and time itself at every go? But Martha wasn’t completely clouded by it. She was a girl who could stand on her own two feet. I genuinely adored Martha, and I still do. 

Donna. Played by the comedic great Catherine Tate. I love Catherine Tate. She’s funny as all hell and her show ‘The Catherine Tate Show’ keeps me laughing. Though, as far as companions went she wasn’t the greatest. She wasn’t entirely memorable except for her comedic performances. But you know, I still liked her better than Rose.

Sigh. Amy Pond. By far my favorite companion. There’s something about Amy Pond that just fits. She’s the sort of companion I imagine I would be if I lived in the fictional world. Amy, the girl who waited, the one who can remember things no one else can. She’s brought the Doctor back, she’s the mother of one of my favorite tv characters of all time River Song (aka Melody Pond).  At first I was wary about Amy Pond as a companion. I didn’t like her at first go. But over the last two seasons she’s made  her way into my heart. Due largely in part to the stellar performance of Karen Gillan. But alas, Amy Pond is bidding farewell to her time travelling adventures. It makes me sad. In fact when I heard it I teared a little.  I will miss Amy Pond. I will miss what she has become, and I will mourn the loss of what she could have been.  Sure, we’ll have her for a few episodes in season seven. I’m glad for that. But I will miss Amy terribly. She is, by far, my favorite companion of the reboot. I’ll miss the interplay between her and Rory. The almost tender moments between her and River. The darkness when she killed that bitch who’s name I can’t spell. All parts of Amy Pond will remain in my heart. 

Who ever could fill that hole? I just hope the next companion will be as great as she. So I’m tipping a glass to Amy Pond. Bidding her a fond farewell. And of course wishing actress Karen Gillan all the best in her career. I hope she lands more kick ass roles. Though none will I love her in half as much as Doctor Who.


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